Where do you work?

Depending on your requirements, we can either work on-site alongside your team or off-site at our own premises.

We can work in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, London, Cambridge or anywhere that you may be based in Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Europe. We have the appropriate legal documentation to work in Australia, New Zealand and the EU, including the UK. Our work is performed to the applicable international standards.

How much will it cost?

We believe in complete transparency when quoting for work. The international standard, ISO/IEC 15910 Information technology—Software user documentation process defines methodologies for calculating the time required for a project, based on the number of hours required for each stage.

We can either quote by the hour or for the complete project. When quoting, we will give you a complete breakdown of each stage.

A quote for a complete project will be based on an estimate of the number of hours of effort required, plus any exceptional expenses that may be incurred.

Our hourly rate for technical writing taking place at your place of business is typically between $90 per hour and $110 per hour (plus GST). If most of the work can be done from our premises, the rate is reduced. This compares very favourably with the rates charged by recruitment agencies that source Technical Writers.

What if the scope of the project changes?

You may find that you want, or need, additional documentation or subject matter in mid-project. If this makes a significant difference to the amount of work required, we would discuss with you any corresponding adjustment to the price that may be required.

Our work is highly confidential. Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Most of the work that we do is company confidential. We even feel that it is a breach of confidentiality to show examples of our previous work on this site.

We would be more than happy to sign any confidentiality agreement.

Who owns the copyright?

The full ownership of copyright over any written material produced by us will be transferred to you (the client) on completion of the project.

Simple as that.

Is Arts and Letters a recruitment company?

No. All of our work is done by our highly skilled staff or, if necessary, with the assistance of people we have previously worked with and know to be highly competent and reliable. We never recruit contractors.

You don't have any expertise in our field. How can you possibly write our documentation?

As experienced contractors, we are accustomed to starting work in new business environments. Many people think that a Technical Writer needs to have specific past experience in the type of equipment or system that is being documented. This is not so.

Early on in the documentation process, we familiarise ourselves with your product and establish exactly how much we need to know about it in order to write the documents. We usually need to gain a broad overview of your product, so that we can ask the right questions to get precisely the information required for the documents.

This is our professional skill. We ask the right questions. Then we can produce the right documentation.

If you look at the Our Experience page, you will see that we have produced documentation for a wide range of business environments.

We urgently require a suite of Software Manuals by tomorrow morning – can you do this?

Probably not.

We will not make any promises regarding deadlines that we know that we cannot keep. If we think that there is a reasonable chance we will tell you. If we think that there is no chance, we will tell you.

However, we would be happy to discuss possible options with you. Sometimes a partial document release may be an acceptable alternative, or an initial draft release.

We have a contractual obligation to provide documentation with our product but don't really know what would be appropriate. Can you help with this?

We would be very happy to work with you at the planning stage and help you to assess your documentation requirements and schedules.

What is the best stage in the project to ask you to work with us?

That depends on your deadlines. The short answer is "the earlier the better". The more time we have to get to understand the project, the less time we will need to produce good quality documentation.

In the case of a software development project where the delivery deadline for the software and documentation is immediately after testing has been completed, the best time to employ us would be soon after the start of the project. This would allow us to plan the documentation process to keep up with development changes and incorporate the effects of bug fixes. This is essentially the only way you could ensure that you have good quality, accurate documentation to accompany the software.

If the deadline for the documentation is weeks or months after the completion of the project, we can be called in after the completion of the project. However you need to be careful with your timing. Subject Matter Experts often move on to other projects or companies, leaving incomplete or ambiguous documentation as the only source material for your handbooks.

Any other questions?

Please contact us on:

0423 193796